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Club Rules

Please read and adhere to the club and fishing rules carefully.

  1. Members are not allowed to ground bait.
  2. Members are not allowed to fish with Roe.
  3. Members must take extreme care not to damage any meadow, crop or fence or interfere with the cover of adjoining waters or block any Riparian Owners Right of Way, and have respect for fellow anglers and their fishing.
  4. Sea Trout under 28cm and over 40cm must be returned to the river, bag limit to be 3 fish per day. The use of a degorger is recommended especially for undersized fish which must be returned undamaged to the river.
  5. That anglers fish with one rod and all foul hooked fish must be returned to the river.
  6. The top and bottom beach at the Curley Hole must be fished on a rotation basis to allow each angler an equal opportunity to fish them.
  7. Members must carry their Membership Card and wear Club Badges on their outer clothing at all times and also be in possession of any State License or Permit required.
  8. That Juvenile members must vacate the river at 9pm unless accompanied by an adult.
  9. Members observing any irregularities on Club Waters are immediately asked to contact any members of the Club’s Committee, Co-operation of anglers with Fishery Board Water Protection Officers and Club Water Keepers is requested. Members are expected to help on Club Water when requested.
    For State Fishery Officers contact:
    Francis Carolan – 087 258 5782
    Kevin O’Brien – 087 987 9165
  10. Mrs. Law’s Fishery – Trout Fishing – Fly only.
  11. The leaving of Litter is Strictly Prohibited.
  12. On day of competitions any fish deemed to have been caught on waters other than the clubs, will not be weighed and the angler will have their membership withdrawn.
  13. No fishing off the island at Curley Hole.
  14. To preserve and protect the run of salmon smolts, the use of maggots/chandlers is not allowed unitl after the 17th May on the Oldbridge Fishery.
  15. Molly Johnston Fishery: No fishing with maggots/chandlers for all the season
  16. Members must not trespass on private property or fisheries.
  17. A member who commits a breach of any rule or regulation of the Club, either contained here within or elsewhere shall be liable to expulsion or suspension by the committee.
  18. The beach and wier above the Obelisk bridge must be fished on a rotational basis. Members must vacate these areas after maximum of 2 hours fishing in any one day or immediately after landing a salmon.
  19. Dogs are not allowed on Oldbridge Fishery.
  20. A subscription by every member is due on the 1st day of February in every year and any member who has not paid his/hers subscription before the 1st day of May shall cease to be a member of the Club.
  21. Notwithstanding anything contained in any Bye-Law, it is prohibited for a person to use or attempt to use worms as bait or any fish hooks, other than single barbless hooks, in angling for any kind of fish in the waters of a river mentioned in column (2). (Rover Boyne)

Members are required to patrol club’s waters with the clubs water keepers when required.

  1. Season starts 1st March and ends 30th September
  2. Members are requested to ensure that Guests are in possession of a Day Ticket before commencing fishing.
  3. Day Tickets are available from
    Boyne Angling Centre
    Unit 16 Boyne Shopping Centre
    Patrick Street
    Co. Louth
    Tel: 041 987 2943
    Day Ticket Fee: €25.00

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