The River Boyne rises in Co.Kildare flowing in an easterly direction for seventy miles through counties Offaly, Meath and Louth before entering the Irish Sea below the historic town of Drogheda. The Boyne has a good run of salmon and sea trout in summer and the autumn. The majority of salmon fishing on the lower Boyne area is controlled by Angling Clubs.

The Rossin Slane & District Angling Club has approximately¬†5.5 miles of fishing on the River Boyne located between Slane and Oldbridge. Good numbers of salmon are caught annually during the months of July, August and September on the fisheries downstream of Slane Village with the most popular locations being the Scabby Arch ,Crewbawn on Laws fishery, Mollie Johnstons fishery and the famous ‘Curley Hole’ pool at Oldbridge.


Sea trout fishing is mainly concentrated around the Oldbridge stretch, but they can be caught upstream on club waters on Mollie Johnstons fishery and Laws fishery down river of Slane Bridge. The Boyne gets a small run of large sea trout at the end of May and on into June but the best of the fishing is from the end of June to the end of September. The average weight of sea trout is 1lb. with larger sea trout being caught on occasion. Fly fishing for Brown trout on these two fisheries can be productive at certain times.

When fishing for salmon and sea trout anglers must be in possession of a State Licence and the necessary permission before fishing. Day memberships are available. All legitimate methods may be used subject to the rules and regulations of the club and the salmon angling regulations which are reviewed annually. Salmon fishing on the River Boyne will be on a catch and release basis for the 2020 season and only single barbless hooks may be used. There is a ban on worm fishing. The season runs from 1st March to 30th September.

The area surrounding the waters controlled by the Rossin  Slane & District Angling Club are steeped in History, Archaeology and Megalithic Sites. Visitors can view the site of the Battle of the Boyne 1690 at Oldbridge also the Megalithic Monuments at Newgrange and Knowth. All the places mentioned are a very short distance from the historic town of Drogheda.

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Club Waters re-opening to all Members from Saturday 9th May.
Club Waters re-opening to all Members from Saturday 9th May.
Club Waters re-opening to all Members from Saturday 9th May. The Club advises that all members make themselves aware and strictly adhere to the current legislation. Members should be...